Infotypes in SAP HR

The following are important infotypes in SAP HR

Infotype Description IHelpful Hints
0000 Actions It documents essential events in the history of an employee
0001 Organizational Assignment This infotype is one of the most important infotypes and must exist for each employee from the time he or she is first entered in the system
0002 Personal Data This infotype is as important as infotype 0001 because it defines the existence of the employee as a person by storing the name and date of birth. Other infotypes generally cannot exist before the beginning date of infotype 0002
0006 Address Addresses are probably the most country-specific information besides the data on net payroll (tax, social insurance etc.)
0007 Planned Working Time This infotype stores employee's work schedule, part time, full time information, daily working hours. Important infotype to run payroll
0008 Basic Pay Stores employee salary information. If this infotype is not maintained, the employee will not get paid
0009 Bank Details Stores employee's bank details on how does he wants to get paid, whether by check or direct deposit. If its direct deposit then it stores the employee's bank account number
0014 Recurring Payments/Deductions Recurring payments/deductions are wage elements which are paid or deducted in every payroll period like your travelling allowance or company loan
0015 Additional Payments These are one time payment or deduction which occur during a pay period like spot bonus
0019 Monitoring of Tasks Create automatic monitoring of dates for all HR activities that have follow-up activities like probation end date
0027 Cost Distribution When you want to distribute employee cost across several cost centers over longer periods of time
0022 Education The education of an employee is documented. This can include high school, college, university, training courses
0077 Additional Personal Data You store ethnic origin, race data, military status, veteran status, disability on this infotype. Information in this infotype is used mainly for statistical and reporting purposes.
0094 Residence Status Once the employer verifies whether the employee is legally allowed to work in the US then all the relevant information can be stored in this infotype
0207 Residence Tax Area Infotype 0207 depends on infotype 0006 Address to calculate the residency taxes
0208 Work Tax Area This infotype store the employee's work state
0209 Unemployment State Worksites are used in certain states to provide statistical information to the tax authority on unemployment.
0210 Withholding Info W4/W5 US Employee's W-4 data allowance as well as additional withholding amount is stored in this infotype
2006 Absence Quotas Stores employee's vacation, sick and personal days quotas
2010 Employee Remuneration Info This infotype allows you to store enter hours, amounts, pieces that are then transferred into payroll in addition to the time evaluation.
2001 Absences Absences are entered in infotype 2001 and this will reduce the quota in infotype 2006
2002 Attendances If employee has to attend a business trip, seminar or training school, you can use this infotype to store those attendances if they are part of working time