SAP HR Module – Corporate Training

Take a moment and answer these few simple questions:

  • How much do you currently spend on SAP software training?
  • How much time do you or your employees spend on SAP HR module?
  • Do you want to save money?

The answer is simple, if your company spends more money than you would like on training and if this training is taking more time, that could be best served elsewhere AND you like the idea of saving money, then Perfect Resources is the perfect fit for your SAP needs.

Your Bottom Line Is Our Top Priority!

Perfect Resources wants your organization to get the most value from its investment in SAP HR Module training. That’s why our multi-user online training program is designed to help make your HR training and management more efficient and effective. The Perfect Resources system offers you:

Reap The Benefits Of Corporate Training

Multi-User Online Training Program

Better Training

  • Standardize learning across the board
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Customized processes to meet your needs

Faster Training

  • Better-targeted knowledge transfer
  • Integration of learning and working
  • Online access – anywhere, any time

Real Savings

  • Savings on travel and training costs
  • Low cost and high ROI on SAP software training
  • Easy setup and no maintenance fee

Value Proposition

Better Features

    • Nearly 500 Interactive videos on SAP HR module
    • Interactive videos with voice narration
    • Graphic highlighting and text popups for ease of understanding
    • Complete player controls, including fast forward, adding to favorites and moving to next video
    • Each video has quiz to reinforce learning
    • Online test in our learning portal
    • Documentation step by step user guide
    • SAP software training accessible 24×7, self-paced learning
    • SCORM compliant

Administration Features

  • Control training access to your employees
  • Customized reports on student login
  • Unlimited access to all training courses
  • Flexible training solutions


  • Annual subscription from 5 floating users, from $1500/month
  • Special discount on purchase of more licenses

Let Perfect Resources help your organization enjoy bottom-line savings and top-line employee management!

Contact a Training Solutions Advisor for pricing: 1 (908) 315-3344

If you would like a customized e-Learning package for your company, Perfect Resources can help you.  We specialize building e-Learning in  Uperform and Captivate.  All we need is your test scripts, we will do the recording, editing, scripting, voice narration and publishing and hand over the videos to you.

We also do train the trainer for onsite classroom training.

Get the benefits of corporate online training with

Contact us and see what we can do for your company! 

The bottom line – better training, faster training, and real savings.