SAP ERP HCM Employee Administration

Companies around the world grow fast in today’s rapidly globalizing marketplace, they acquire, expand, and also merge at a rapid pace. Consequently, companies are faced with the challenges of maintaining unprecedented volumes of their employee data. The complications and challenges of storing and accessing sensitive employee data globally, making it accessible and at the same … Read more

SAP standard reports for benefits module

MODULE REPORT DESCRIPTION Benefits Participation standard reports HRBEN0071 Eligible Employees HRBEN0072 Participation HRBEN0077 Changes in Benefits Elections HRBEN0079 Change of Elibility Status HRBEN0083 Changes in General Benefits Information Costs and Contributions standard reports HRBEN0073 Health Plan Costs HRBEN0074 Insurance Plan Costs HRBEN0075 Savings Plan Contributions HRBEN0078 FSA Contributions HRBEN0086 Stock Purchase Plan Contributions HRBEN0085 Costs/Contributions … Read more

SAP standard reports for time module

MODULE REPORT DESCRIPTION Time Management Work Schedule standard reports PT03 Display Work Schedule PT63 Personal Work Schedule PT_DSH20 Daily Work Schedule Attendance standard reports PT64 Attendance Data Overview PT90_ATT Attendance Data: Calendar View PT91_ATT Attendance Data: Multiple Employee View PT62 Attendance Check PT65 Attendance Overview Graphic Absence standard reports PT64 Absence data overview PT90 Absence … Read more

SAP standard reports for payroll module

MODULE REPORT DESCRIPTION Payroll Payroll Results standard reports S_AHR_61018754 Display payroll results S_ALR_87014259 Payroll journal S_PH9_46000172 Wage type reporter PC00_M10_REC Payroll reconciliation report PC00_M10_CPRS Payroll reconciliation report (scheduler) S_PH9_46000232 Tip income and allocated tips report S_PH9_46000233 Pensionable earnings and hours report S_AHR_61016148 Workers’ compensation report Pay Date standard reports S_ALR_87014136 Paydays on holidays or weekends … Read more